Due to overwhelming demand, we have now authorized dancers to register with more than one crew, as long as the crew is from the same dance school or studio, and provided that they fall within the accepted age category. There is no extra fee for a double-up entrant.

UDO Australia National Street Dance Championship:

All rules for any UDO Australia Street Dance Competition have to take into account the guidelines as set by UDO UK.  All rules adhere to the uniformity required so that all participants are well informed when representing Australia at the World Street Dance Championships every year in the UK.

For the UDO Australia National Street Dance Championships, we have simplified how each category will be represented in order to avoid any confusion with the style of competition.

The UDO Australia National Street Dance Championship will be divided into the following divisions and categories:

  • Under 8 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Under 9 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Under 10 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Under 12 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Under 15 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Under 18 (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Open 18+ (Solo, Duo, Team)

  • Golden – Parents & 30+ (Solo, Duo, Team)


  • You can enter the Solo category AND the Duo category in only one age division.

  • A Solo or Duo entrant may also enter the competition as part of a Team.

  • If you have already paid your registration fee because you are part of and have registered with a team that is in the competition – please make sure that you mark with an (X) on the registration form as well as writing the name of the Team. If you do not indicate with an (X), UDO Australia will take full payment of $45 per each member as a whole. If this occurs and the error is notified to UDO Australia in writing via post or email (Refer to Contact details on UDO Australia website), we will, upon confirmation of payment error, provide you with a full refund of the amount in question minus any costs, if any at all.


All entrants in the Team category can also participate in either the solo or the duo category.

  • You are only permitted to be a member of ONE team that is in the competition. Entrants are NOT permitted to be in more than one team that is participating in the competition.

  • If a team member has already paid their entry fee of $45 via a Solo or Duo Registration, please make sure that you mark with an (X) in the last row of the registration form. If you do not indicate with an (X), UDO Australia will take payment of $45 per each member of the team as a whole. If this occurs and the error is notified to UDO Australia in writing via post or email (Refer to Contact ), we will, upon confirmation of payment error, provide you with a full refund of the amount in question minus any costs, if any at all.

  • A minimum of 75% of the competing team must be within the age division they are competing in or younger. The team can only have a maximum of 25% which are allowed to be older. However they can only be older up to the next age division.

  • Example:-if you had 12 dancers in your under 15 team, 9 dancers would have to be under 15 years of age with 3 dancers that could be older (15,16, or 17 years of age). THEY WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE DANCERS OVER THE AGE OF 17 as they would be ahead by two(2) age divisions.


  • Dancers cannot touch judges.

  • Props are permitted providing they are not dangerous and can be cleared from the dance floor immediately after your performance. NO TALC, GLITTER OR WATER BE THROWN DOWN ON TO THE STAGE!

  • Team outfits must be age appropriate.

  • No inappropriate or explicit movements/gesture/clothing will be tolerated.


  • All music for Solos will be provided by UDO Australia. Only Duos and Teams are required to bring in their own music for their routines.

  • A maximum of two (2) or three (3) minutes, depending on your age division, shall be allotted for each dance routine and Heat. You shall also be given 1 minute prior to actual presentation for preparation of any props or equipment needed on stage. Props should be reasonably light and not over-sized for easy and fast mobility in and out of the performance area.

  • Concept or theme for costume and performance is left to the discretion of the participants based on their own interpretation.

  • Dance steps, music, costumes, accessories and props should be consistent with the concept of the chosen theme.

  • Dance steps, body movements and costumes should conform to normal standards of morality and good conduct.

  • Sharp objects like actual knives and spears, intoxicating fumes, oil, and inflammable materials and fireworks cannot be used as props in order to adhere to Health & Safety guidelines and to avoid accidents during the performance. Violation of this provision shall mean disqualification of the group.

  • Each Duo or Team must furnish their audio track as a digital file containing the music they shall be using. The music file must be ready to play. Backup music is strongly recommended.

  • Dancers should be in costume, warmed up, and ready to perform at least one hour before their scheduled performance.

  • The music used cannot have swearing or inappropriate language.

  • The music should be balanced at a set level for playing as the DJ will make no adjustments on the day for sound. If you need more information or help with this then please contact us at

  • The music has to be cut to the correct time limit for the age division entered:

U/8, U/9, U/10, U/12 & U/15 – max. 2 minute routines

U/18 and Open (18+) & Golden (Parents & 30+) – max. 3 minute routines

  • It is the Choreographer/Team Leader’s responsibility to ensure that the team music is emailed to UDO Australia on by no later than midnight on Sunday, May 03, 2020. UDO Australia will acknowledge receipt by return email. It is also recommended that a back-up copy be brought to the competition on a USB stick.

# Organizer will not provide entrants with accommodation, food or transportation allowance.


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